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The Brave Athlete Calm The F*ck Down and rise to the occasion By Simon Marshall & Lesley Patterson

by Cathryn Brady
Founder and Lead Coach - Outcome Coaching
November 21, 2022

“Absolutely love this book and it is one that I go back to on a regular basis. One of the best sports psychology books I have read. Written in a very simple, relaxed style with lots of useful exercises, personal anecdotes and analogies. The authors are a husband and wife team Lesley Patterson, a world champion triathlete, and her husband Simon Marshall, a sport psychology expert, so the ideal combination of practical lessons learned by a successful athlete and the theory and science behind the skills and solutions presented.

Deals with a lot of the usual important issues in competitive sport such as self-confidence, self-belief, negative thinking, limiting beliefs, nerves and anxiety, pressure , goal-setting and motivation, but also addresses some of the deeper and more insidious issues, quite prevalent but often not discussed, such as body image and exercise dependence.

A key message that shines through this book is the importance of enjoying and being happy in your chosen sport. As with everything in life, to be truly motivated and to achieve your full potential, you must love what you’re doing.

This book is relevant not just to athletes, but to anyone striving to get the best out of themselves whether it be in their career, their craft or in life itself.