Please complete your Breathing Log and Daily Relaxation Log for Session Eight

Congratulations! You have now completed the Eight Session Stress Management Training Course!

We sincerely hope that your scores have progressed over the weeks and that you are feeling much more calm and less stressed than you were prior to commencing the course. It is important to remember,however, that change takes time and practice. The more you put
in, the more benefit you will glean from the process! Continue to use the skills you have learned in the training on a day-to-day basis and you will find that over time you will become even more competent in dealing effectively with the stressors that life throws at
you on a regular basis, feel healthier both mentally and physically and this added resilience should lead to a happier ‘you’!

We would be grateful if you would complete and return the evaluation form on the next page.

Finally, if you feel you could still benefit from more coaching support and would like to discuss your options;

Please contact Cathryn at:
Mobile: +35387 2333132
Email: [email protected]