Deep Breathing and breath Control Techniques.
Session Plan.

  • Recap.
    You should now be familiar with the practice of the Deep Physical and Mental Relaxation Exercise, using the Breathing Log and Daily Relaxation Log as points of reference.
    You should also have been working on your Stress Mood Log.
    Is there a pattern of negative thinking emerging?
  • Hyperventilation. (S5.a)
    Read through the worksheet on Hyperventilation, which explains how and why this can happen, and provides advice as to the steps to take when you, or someone else, is hyperventilating, possibly during a panic attack.
    To help you understand what is happening in the body when one hyperventilates and to provide first aid tips if faced with such a situation.
  • Background information Lecture on The Complete Breath and Square Breathing.
    This information is provided as both a written script and a voice recording, so use it according to your own preference.
  • Relaxation Exercise – Three Part Breathing, The Complete Breath, and Square Breathing
    This exercise is provided in written format and as a voice recording
    As before, you should practice this this particular exercise daily until your next session, lying or sitting somewhere comfortably with your head supported.
    Also remember to use muscular relaxation and this technique as coping skills as required in your daily life.
  • Triggers.
    The background information lecture on Deep Breathing and Breath Control discusses the use of ‘Triggers’ to improve our breathing patterns.
    Remember to use your ‘Triggers’.
    – On a watch/clock for the Full Breath
    – At work, in the car or around the house to trigger the practice of the Square Breathing Exercise, which should be repeated three times with every ‘trigger’
    – You should begin all breathing exercises by breathing out.
  • Homework.
    – Familiarise yourself with the Hyperventilation worksheet
    – Make and use some sticky label ‘Triggers’.
    – As before, complete your Stress Thought Log, Breathing Log and Daily Relaxation Log for Session Five.
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