Below is a list of useful techniques to help you think in a more positive manner. Familiarise yourself with this list and practise some, if not all, of them between now and your next session. Some may work for you better than others but it is worth trying them all out initially to see which ones are most effective for you. The goal is to develop healthier thinking habits, but this takes practice so the more you try these techniques the more successful you are likely to be, until eventually you will be thinking positively more naturally without the need  to focus on specific techniques.

This list is available to download (attached) so you can put it in prominent places as a reminder.

Aids To Positive Thinking.

The Stop Technique
When you have a negative thought, take a deep breath, shout STOP in your mind and think very hard about something else. This is especially useful if the negative thoughts are repetitive worrying about a situation. Repeat as often as necessary.

Change Your Body Position
When you have a negative thought, change the way you are sitting, standing and breathing. Unclench your fists, drop your shoulders, relax your jaw, take a deep breath. This helps positive thoughts to follow.

Present Awareness
Bring yourself into the present. Overcome your negative thoughts about the past or the future by looking around the room and saying out loud what you see, or hear or smell. Spend a minute or two saying sentences which begin with “Now I am aware of…”.

Exaggerate the Problem
Think of all the worse things that could have happened but didn’t.

Paradoxical Intention
If you are nervous about a situation, exaggerate the nervousness in your mind. Instead of trying to suppress your nervousness – exaggerate it.

Cue Cards
Take three positive thoughts about yourself and write them down. Put them in places where you will see them often. When you see them read them out loud.

Look in the Mirror and Smile

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