Muscular Relaxation as a Treatment for Stress
Session Plan.

  • Recap. Having worked on Session One for at least a week you should now be familiar with the practice of Passive Progressive Relaxation.
    Remember, each time you practice your relaxation exercises, complete your Daily Relaxation Log, both before and after
    Hopefully you will be feeling some benefit from the exercises at this early stage. Do note however, it takes practice, so PERSEVERE!!
  • Subjective Level of Stress Form (S2a)
    Purpose: – To enable you to assess the effectiveness of the training.
    To focus your attention on aspects of your life which may need to change
    Complete this form by filling in your subjective level of stress, out of ten, and list you three main stressors at present
  • Background information on Muscular Tension and Relaxation Training
    This information is provided as both a written script and a voice recording, so use it according to your own preference.
  • Subjective Measure of Change (S2b)
    Please complete the form S2b.
    Purpose: – To assess the effectiveness of the training
    To focus your attention and energy on changing a pattern of behaviour or of thinking. The change should be quite small, with a good chance of success.
  • Relaxation Exercise – Active Progressive Relaxation
    This exercise is provided in written format and as a voice recording
    As you did with Session One’s relaxation exercise, you should practice this exercise daily until your next session, lying or sitting somewhere comfortably with your head supported. Use muscular relaxation as a coping skill in your daily life.
  • Coping with Stress Assessment (S2c)
    Complete form S2c and score your answers.
    What do you notice?
    What are the strengths and weaknesses shown in your score?
    What changes could you make?
    Write it down.
    Purpose: To focus your attention on strengths and weaknesses and to explore possible changes.

Please note. If you are particularly concerned about your scoring on this form, it is advisable to contact your coach at: [email protected]

  • Homework.
    Complete your Daily Relaxation Log for Week 2 for review in your next session.
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