Stress and Faulty Breathing Patterns
Session Plan.

  • Recap. Having worked on Session One for at least a week you should now be familiar with the practice of Active Progressive Relaxation.
    Remember, each time you practice your relaxation exercise, complete your Daily Relaxation Log, both before and after
    Remember , Practice daily and PERSEVERE!!
  • Stress and Personality Type (S3a)
    Complete this Questionnaire and score your answers
    Purpose: To assess which Personality Type you fall into; Type A or Type B.
    Background: Your Personality Type also affects your reaction to stress. Friedman and Rosenman found that individuals can br classified into two types. Type A individuals are characterised by highly competitive behaviour, inability to relax or switch off after work, impatience, restlessness, and and a tendency to do everything in a hurry.
    Type B individuals are more relaxed, calmer, and have a less anxious approach to life.

Clinical experience shows that low levels of assertiveness, difficulties in expressing personal feelings, unrealistically high expectations of self and others, often accompanied by a high perfectionist streak can lead to high levels of stress.

Background information on Stress and Faulty Breathing Habits.
This information is provided as both a written script and a voice recording, so use it according to your own preference.

Breathing Log.
As described in the lecture, do this exercise again, measuring your breathing cycles per minute.
Please fill in your breathing log daily before and after practicing your relaxation exercise

Purpose: –
To assess the effectiveness of the training
To focus your awareness on the need to work on breathing techniques.

Relaxation Exercise – Relaxed Breathing
This exercise is provided in written format and as a voice recording
As before, you should practice this exercise daily until your next session, lying or sitting somewhere comfortably with your head supported. Use Relaxed Breathing as a coping skill in your daily life.

Try and be aware, and to note, particular patterns of behaviour you exhibit in the course of the week that relate to Type A personality, and work on possible ways to change them. This, in time, will reduce your risk of stress related illness.
Complete Breathing Log and Daily Relaxation Log daily as described above for review in your next session.

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