This is the first of 8 sessions and session one deals with “The Nature of Stress and Stress Management”.

Contained in this session are the following

  • Information giving lecture
    ‘The Nature of Stress and Stress Management Training’. Provided as a written script as well as an audio recording.
  • The Holmes & Rahe and/or Coopers Scale.
    Complete at least one of these assessments.
    Purpose: To gather information about recent stressful events in your life, to help you to identify and focus on possible causes of your stress, and to assess the risk of stress-related illness and the possibility of avoiding these.
  • Stress Assessment Questionnaire.
    Purpose: To highlight your main stress related issues and the consequences to you in terms of symptoms and behaviours. It often helps to see this down on paper and to look at it objectively. It also helps to ‘normalise’ the symptoms. Seeing a list like this can help reinforce the fact that these difficulties are common. Finally, it can highlight any potential issues which your coach may feel requires follow-up.
    It is advised to return your completed form to your coach by email.
  • Relaxation Exercise – Passive Progressive Relaxation.
    The written script is provided, as well as a recording, so you can practice this daily. It is preferable to do this exercise (especially initially) lying down, or at least sitting on a chair with your head supported.
    Please remember that relaxation can cause unusual feelings as you begin to let go of tension but that this will soon pass if you persevere.
    It is important that you begin to use muscular relaxation as a coping skill in your daily life in situations when you are feeling tense.
  • Homework:
    Read Form S1d “Understanding Stress’.
  • Daily Relaxation Log.
    Fill this in before and after doing your Stress Management Relaxation exercise each day.
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